Aladdin’s Mathemagical Flying Carpet

How to play the game


I wrote this game a few years ago because my little brothers were encountering some difficulties in school learning their multiplication tables. The times tables (up to twelve) are typically taught using rote memorization, and it becomes less a question of mathematics and more a matter of simple recall.

That being the case, I set out to design a simple arcade type game that would help them slowly improve their recall speed in a reasonably entertaining manner.

We’re all big fans of the original animated Aladdin movie from 1992, so I made a design choice to use Aladdin as the core theme, specifically focusing on Aladdin’s escape from the Cave of Wonders after he’d been trapped by Jafar. His eternal reward is getting to solve arithmetic problems.

The game can be played on a computer or on a touch-enabled tablet such as an iPad and does not have to be downloaded.

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