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Aladdin’s Mathemagical Flying Carpet is an edutainment game designed to teach basic addition and the multiplication table to children who relate more to Aladdin then to Alan Turing. Most people are unaware that in the original One Thousand and One Arabian Nights, the genie forces Aladdin to answer a series of progressively more difficult algebraic equations before Matt Damon shows up and spends the rest of the evening in a dungeon making Aladdin eat apples. (More Info, Play)

Enigma is a puzzle-adventure consisting of mini-games each of which is represented to the player as a room that they must escape. You can be awarded copper, silver, or golden goblets depending on the quality of your solution. Try to reach the end, and be aware that there might be a secret bonus room! Fair warning, these are not for the faint of heart. Being a master of the golf tee peg puzzle at Cracker Barrel will not help you here. (Play)

Note: This game requires a mouse with a scroll-wheel and is not currently playable on tablet/mobile devices.

Jiminy cricket, we’d better be careful not to take the lord’s name in vain, lest we find ourselves sent straight to heck. The virtual swear jar continuously monitors the microphone for any profanities and emits a beeping sound if it detects any. Running this application while Samuel L. Jackson is in close proximity will likely overload the CPU. (More Info, Play)

Note: Unfortunately, mobile browsers have restrictions related to microphone usage and thus it is likely this will only run in Chrome or Firefox on the desktop.

Inquiring Minds is a question-answer game structured around the mechanics of classic card game, Rummy. Although it can be played with as little as two players, it is far better with three or more.

The idea behind Gin Trivia is to take the traditional trivia game and flip the concept on its head. Rather than each player attempting to answer questions as individuals, players need to come up with their own questions, and are rewarded when they can demonstrate some piece of trivia that nobody else in the room knows. (More Info)

Redhook’s Revenge II: Call of Booty is the sequel to the timeless classic, Redhook’s Revenge, by ImagiSOFT. The game has been updated to draw from a pool of over 10,000 general knowledge questions, breathing fresh life into the series and allowing both veterans and newcomers to re-experience the interactive trivia board game.

So what are you waiting for cap’n? Don your classiest eye patch and saltiest parrot and set sail! (More Info)